lunedì 27 febbraio 2012


I woke up late so I skipped breakfast.
I had boulgur with bell pepper and chicken with curry sauce
Fruit salad afterwards

 Toast with tuna and vegetable broth. And a bit of dark chocolate as a dessert


Despite I ate a lot last night I woke up starving, so I had a copious breakfast: fruit salad, raspberry yoghurt and muesli
Then coffee and pineapple juice at the bar

 Late lunch: just fish fingers. No dinner: lots of infusion at the bar

domenica 26 febbraio 2012


No proper breakfast: just an Americano Coffee at the bar's 

Tai noodles wih vegetables, chicken and  peanut sauce for lunch.
Home-made and awesome!

Pizza with sausage and artichokes for dinner at some friends' place

sabato 25 febbraio 2012


Yummy and dietetic lunch: pasta with ricotta, nutmeg and a bit of pesto 

No dinner: I went to the film club and I nibbled few nachos and ritz from their buffet


Amazing day today. It's good to have breakfast in the garden with a sweet coffee and a cheesecake brownie

 I bake them last night: they could be better...But hey! They're edible!

 I had lunch with a toastie at my mom's.
 Meatloaf leftovers with valeriana salad for dinner instead.


Late awakening so no breakfast: I'm sleeping a lot lately. YAY!
I started the day at lunch: moscatelle in broth with cheese

For dinner I attempted to bake my first meatload with roasted potatoes.

Stuffed with prosciutto cotto and cheese

It could be better, but it was surprisingly yummy for the first try


 I have no idea what I had for breakfast. Probably just an espresso.

During the afternoon I had a yummy sandwich with tuna, tomato, tuna sauce, valeriana and olives

For dinner just a quick ordinary piadina after a couple of herbal infusions at the bar's


I woke up late this morning....And I didn't get up at all untill lunchtime: I had pasta with cheese and vegetables (leftovers from my home-made broth).
I ate it wearing my nightsuit sitting all curled up near the radiator watching Real Time on the telly.

Fennel, carrot, zucchini, leek puree and veal with valeriana salad
Plain dinner


I woke up with my stomach all messed up due to all that late night Chinese.
I skipped breakfast and I had vegetables puree for lunch. And a coffee afterward at the bar.

Gave up with liquid diet in the evening. I nibbled few fruit rings while my dinner was getting ready: (not-fried) frittata with leeks and valeriana salad as a side.


Late lunch (I wasn't hungry at all this morning) with a small hamburger, wicrowaved French fries and a couple of bread fried in meat juices.

I skipped dinner but at 11pm circa I had Chinese cravings. So I ordered fried rice, prawns dumplings and wanton soup to take away.


Infusion and lemon biscuits for breakfast

Focaccia with salad, tomato, salame, mayo and cheese for late lunch

Just lot odf infusions for dinner at the bar


I don't remember what I ate today.
Probably I didn't eat at all.


Appointment with the nutritionist's this morning.
All is OK but I'm too swollen due to few issues I had with my period this month.
So I ate a lot of junk food as I always do the day of the monthly visit.

Spicy lemongrass noodles for lunch

 Potato waffles as a snack

 I love my Wednesday nights at home: comfy food and Chi l'ha Visto?
Hot dogs and french fries


Just a bit of prosciutto cotto and crackers for lunch

 And carrot, pumpkin and asparagus puree for dinner


Lots of liquids today and a bit of prociutto crudo with few crackers for dinner


ACE fruit juice and a couple of mini-muffins with cranberries and cardamom I baked yesterday
I didn't eat today: I was away for a barbecue with friends last night and I'm way too full!!

Wednesday 8th --- Saturday 11th

This is a bad period between me and food
Sometimes I don't eat at all
Sometimes I can't be bothered to take a pic
But mostly I can't be a*sed to cook and eat
If I could I'd stay only in bed

I'd post random pictures of some dish I ate this week

Few healthy breakfasts (I've never skipped it)

 At least the things I ate were suitable for the diet

Pumpkin, carrot, asparagus puree with croutons and spinacina with boiled beetroot

Risotto with saffron and tub gurnard

Tangerine gilthead with valeriana salad

Turkey hamburgers with mixed vegetables

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012


Tea and goat yogurt, blueberries and granola for lunch
I prepared them for breakfast but I didn't eat them at the end

I nibbled lot of focaccia and mortadella tonight at the happy hour because I was starving
That was my dinner


I behaved today, because I did eat a lot these days and I feel so full 
Only a tea for breakfast and boiled rice in stock for lunch 

I skipped dinner because I drank too much infusions and barley at the bar's tonight.
And yes, also a rhum and tangerine punch with an empty stomach....Sloshed...

I only had a toast with a slice of prosciutto cotto before going to bed


Warm milk, crispbread with the last spreads of my banana and chocolate jam
Nice way to start the day

I behaved for lunch: spinacine with valeriana salad and cucumber

I tried so hard to behave also for dinner.
But I failed...
Elisa: 0 - Chinese Restaurant "Shangai" @Pietrasanta: 1

Steamed shrimps dumplings; wanton soup; dumplings sautéed in soy sauce with vegetables and egg; tangerine ice cream....And the worst sweet&sour pork I've ever eaten....
Pity I forgot my camera


I spent the day at the San Biagio's fun fair.
All that food stands were really tempting, but I didn't buy anything because I wanted to cook a healthy meal at home.
But I'm weak, so I had a piadina with sausage, salad and mayo home-made. GAHHH

No dinner: just wine at the bar and some crisps


San Biagio's Day
That's my city Saint Patron's Day 
There's a huge market in the city centre, a nice fun fair and lots of yummy food around
I like it more than Christmas!!

Goat's yogurt with blueberries and a plumcake for breakfast before going to the fair's

Lunch at my parent's
Traditional San Biagio's menù
Selection of startes: panzanelle with sandwich meat such as prosciutto crudo, pancetta arrotolata, mortadella versiliese and salame cacciatorino; zucchini flan; stuffed vol-au-vent

As a main dish: tordelli
Typical dish of this area, one of the yummiest food on Earth
It's a kind of dumpling such as a raviolo stuffed with beef, mortadella di Bologna, eggs, Parmesan cheese, parsel and boiled chard. With ragù sause as a condiment.

Dinner out with my girl friends to celebrate San Biagio's Day
We went to La Locanda del Gusto @Pietrasanta

Pic 1 : Starters: pecorino cheese with fig jam; crouton with pear, gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto crudo and balsamic vinegar; leek and zucchini flan with fondue
Pic 2 : First (and Main) Course: nuts dumplings with gorgonzola cheese and radicchio sauce
Pic 3 : Dessert: soft chocolate cake

martedì 7 febbraio 2012


Purple lucky infusion and a plumcake for breakfast 
And a coffee at the bar's afterwards 

I was starving before lunch...So I nibbled a sliced baguette with my home-made tuna sauce
I <3 it

So I was full for lunch! So I had only a miso soup

Result: I was starving at 6.30 pm...
I kept the fireplace on all the afternoon long due to cold weather: it was snowy this morning, which is quite rare for this area.
I couldn't waste all that coal so I made a little barbecue: milk bread, sausage, German sausage stuffed with cheese....and a glass of red at the bar's after that! Yummy!